Finding your Greatness

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For what feels like a long time now, we've known that my dad has cancer. A shitty kind of cancer and there is no cure yet.

Over the past 12 months, my dad - true to who he is - has chosen to share his experiences through social media. During this time, I have often wondered how to engage with his story in a way that feels authentic to me.

My dad has teached me to believe in the power of inspiration and commitment and to ask myself, ‘what is my greatness; what makes me feel good and how do I go after it?’

Never shy of challenge, he will start the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse in a couple of weeks to raise funds for the Maag, Lever, Darm Stichting, the charity he has been working with over this past year. He found his greatness in walking and I am sure will finish with a smile on his face.

Observing the energy he gets from this challenge and the way he has inspired people that I've never met, made me realise how I can support him on his journey.

Our love for sport and especially running is something we share. Whilst my dad will walk 120km in 4 days, I am committing to running a 16k in September and my first ever Half-Marathon in October, also raising funds for the MLDS. Huge goals for both of us but connected through a shared greatness to get to the finish line.

Much love!

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